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Inheritance in Japan

In Japan, if a deceased person owns real estate (land, house, condominium, villa, farmland, etc.), he/she needs to prepare very many official and registration documents to be submitted to the Legal Affairs Bureau.

First, check to see if there is a dispute between the heirs.

If there is no dispute, you can start the procedure without any problem, but if not, you may have to start the procedure using the court in some cases.

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When procrastination places that burden on future generations, it often does not make it easy to discuss the division of property with people who may not have been involved in the process before.
At such times, requesting a judicial scrivener can often provide a smooth solution.

Procedures for registering inheritance in Japan

Show us your materials and provide us with a quotation.

If you can provide us with a certificate of title (or information identifying the cause of registration), a property tax notice, and personal identification documents by e-mail or fax, we can calculate the approximate cost of registration.

Determination of heirs by ordering family registers

We obtain family registers on behalf of deceased persons from the time of their birth.
Through careful and prompt research, we determine who will be the legal heirs.

After discussing the method of dividing the estate, a representative is determined, and that person signs and seals the consent documents.

The personal seals and seal registration certificates of all signers are required.

Apply to the Legal Affairs Bureau as soon as the documents are ready.

The application takes about one week to complete, and the new information identifying the cause of registration (which replaces the old certificate of title) is delivered to the client to complete the work.

Fees for inheritance registration requests

Real Estate Prices Less than 10 million yen Less than 20 million yen Less than 30 million yen Less than 50 million yen 50 million yen or more
Investigation of heirs and inheritance relations Creation of explanatory charts 25,000 yen 25,000 yen 25,000 yen 25,000 yen 25,000 yen
Preparation of estate division agreement 10,000 yen 10,000 yen 10,000 yen 10,000 yen 10,000 yen
Registration of change of name of real estate 35,000 yen 38,000 yen 41,000 yen 47,000 yen Every 10 million yen Add ¥2,000 for each additional ¥10 million
Total Compensation 70,000 yen 73,000 yen 76,000 yen 82,000 yen 82,000 yen~
registration tax 1000 yen ~4000 yen ~80,000 yen ~120,000 yen ~150,000 yen 150,000 yen~

1:The fee for heir investigation is for up to 5 heirs; if there are more than 5 heirs, an additional ¥5,000 will be added for each additional heir.

2:The fee for the preparation of an estate division agreement is for up to 5 heirs; if there are more than 5 heirs, an additional ¥2,000 will be added for each additional heir.

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