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【Business Description】
Inheritance procedures for houses and land(change of registration)

Abandonment of Inheritance in the case of debt, etc.

Complicated inheritance procedures for those who have owned property abroad.

International inheritance when a foreigner dies in Japan

We also offer services such as “company registration procedures” and “debt counseling”.

Our young and energetic judicial scriveners will respond quickly and courteously to your various requests.
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We hope that our services can help as many of our clients as possible.

These are just some of the situations in which we can help you.

1)You want to buy a home in Japan, but need help with the official procedures, contracts, and obtaining a home loan.

2)You want to start a business in Japan, but are not sure about the official procedures.

3)You want to divorce your Japanese spouse and are worried about the divorce procedures, as well as what will happen to your assets, your children, and your visa.

4)You married and had children in Japan, but subsequently divorced and plan to remarry, and you want to provide for your children in your will.

5)You are leaving Japan but retaining some assets in the country, and need advice regarding asset management.

6)You want to plan for eventualities in Japan – even the unpleasant ones, such as who will manage your assets if you become senile.

About Ashiya Legal Office

Ryusuke Tomimoto Judicial scrivener:Ryusuke Tomimoto

Main tasks
■Inheritance procedure for home and land
■International inheritance
■Real Estate Registration

I hope that our service will be useful to as many customers as possible.