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Registration of real estate (land and buildings)

Foreigners who are considering taking over property inherited in Japan
⇒We provide total support, including tax advice in cooperation with our affiliated tax accountants, for the preparation of inheritance division agreements and advice.

If you are thinking of selling your inherited property in Japan
⇒We will provide total support for the best possible sale together with our affiliated real estate agents.

For those who are thinking of purchasing a home in Japan
⇒Support for purchase of real estate and representation in registration procedures at settlement

If you are considering a gift of real estate in Japan
⇒We provide total support including advice on gift tax by our affiliated tax accountant.

Those who need to change the name of their real estate due to divorce in Japan.
⇒We will handle this important procedure quickly and reliably.

If you need to cancel your mortgage in Japan due to full repayment of the mortgage
⇒We can process your request quickly and reliably on your behalf if you are short on time.

If you are considering refinancing your mortgage in Japan
⇒We process mortgage registration changes quickly and reliably

Procedures related to inheritance and wills in Japan

Disinheritance Procedure in Japan
⇒Within the time limit, we will support you to avoid inheriting debts

Japanese bank account closing support

Services related to company incorporation in Japan

Assistance for foreigners who wish to establish joint stock companies, limited liability companies, and various types of corporations in Japan

Japanese Contract Drafting

Our company is available in English.
If you have any questions, please contact us anytime.