Inheritance Registration in Japan(Change of real estate title)


In Japan, when inheritance occurs, it is necessary to go through procedures to change the real estate registry in the decedent’s name to the name of the heir.
Although there is no time limit for registration of transfer of ownership due to inheritance (inheritance registration/transfer of title), it is recommended that this be done as soon as possible to avoid problems, etc., later on.

Inheritance registration can be broadly divided into

(1) Inheritance registration by will
(2) Registration of inheritance by agreement on division of property
(3) Inheritance registration by legal inheritance
There are three types of inheritance registration.

Flow of Inheritance Registration in Japan

(1) Collect the family register, certificate of residence, etc., necessary to register the inheritance.
(2) Sign and seal the inheritance division agreement and power of attorney.
If the inheritance registration is based on a will, please bring the will with you.
3) Prepare an application for registration.
4) Apply for registration to the Legal Affairs Bureau.

Documents required to change the name of real estate (decedent)

-A copy of the family register, etc. of the decedent from birth to death
-A copy of the removal certificate of the resident registration or the removal certificate of the supplementary copy of the family register

Documents required to change the name of real estate (heirs)

-Family registers of all legal heirs
-Agreement on the division of the estate
-Certificates of seal impression of all legal heirs
-A copy of the certificate of residence of the heir who will receive the inherited property
-Certificate of fixed asset valuation of the property to be inherited
-Certificate of registered matters of the property to be inherited

Many documents are required for inheritance registration.